Always Behind!

October 23, 2014

belated 1

Since I am always behind…our belated birthday stamps come in very helpful!

belated 2

so I guess it’s good to extend celebrations!

Stamps Used:  GG35 KB’s primrose lg, AA31 KB’s butterfly mini, BB60 KB’s Butterfly Sm, D2832 happy belated birthday, D283 Extend Celebration

Boo! 2

October 22, 2014


Good Morning!  I hope you guys don’t get tired of hearing about how much I love the Brother Scanncut because here is another example of why I LOVE it!

I stamped the ghost and then had my brother cut it out.  Next I placed a white layer swatch that was 4.0″x5.25″ on the mat so that the ghost image was right in the center.  I then put the outline distance for the cutting blade to .12 (it was at .04 for the cutting of the ghost) and got this shadow for the ghost to be placed over.  How cool is that…you certainly couldn’t do this with a die!

Stamps Used:  EE50 KB’s Ghost, DD60 Circles & Dots, DD65 Halloween Fun cube, F176 Boo!

So we had a little trouble with our lovely dog this morning…well it really began in the middle of the night.  Our  dog who is actually going to turn 20 soon or already is…anyway she’s very, very OLD!  She was very restless last night so Kevin put her in the garage but he forgot that he didn’t put the paint away and so we now have a mess!


yep!  She found the paint!  nice blue paw prints all over the garage :)


Kim’s Card!

October 21, 2014


Good Evening!  Boy was I glad to get a text today with this card attached!  Sometimes finding the time to actually stamp cards for the blog is tough!  I often get behind with that.

A wonderful customer named Kim sent this card to me! Love the simplicity of Kim’s card.  Sympathy cards, I believe, should definitely be kept simple.  Love the colors too!

Now to get a card ready for tomorrow….

so grateful!

October 20, 2014


new 1

Good Afternoon!  I hope this finds you healthy and happy!

We had a great weekend.  And yes, I did get to paint!  My cabinets are all painted and the lower half are installed in the mudroom with the upper cabinets waiting to go in this afternoon.  It’s looking good!  I should have some pictures tomorrow.

The card today has some brand new stamps on it.  Hot off the press this afternoon.  Needed a thank you card and these triple circles make it so easy and quick.

Stamps Used:  D211 Happy day, *GG35 KB’s Primrose, Lg, DD46 So grateful Fun Cube, *AA31 KB’s butterfly mini, *BB60 KB’s Butterfly Sm, DD50 Circles and Dots. *brand new

Need to keep rolling…choir concert for my niece, cabinets to get in, a trip to the postoffice…and on it goes! :)

Adore Him

October 17, 2014

family 1

family 2Another day in the shop!  We just have too much to do to take the day off!  We are going to try and finish up by noon.  We’ll see how that goes.  I’m not complaining!  It is much better to have too much work than not enough.  So we will just be thankful for today :)

KB’s Manger stamp has been one of my favorites and it continues to be.  Such a simple card with lots of meaning.   I like that the embossing folder says family and then the words on the inside of the card refer to family.  Stamps Used:  C181 KB’s Manger Sm, C182 Seasons Greetings, D274 Adore him, E205 KB’s Manger Lg, F199 Family @ Christmas.

Have an awesome weekend!  I will paint this weekend so any day painting is awesome!

Oh and by the way my Colorado friends…your stamp has been sent to the engravers and we should have it next week!  Along with AZ and CA for the upcoming shows.


Joyful Tidings

October 16, 2014

joyful 1joyful 2

taking a lunch break and thought I would go ahead and blog…we are busy getting ready for the next shows which are in Mesa, AZ and Carson, CA.  Since we are doing two in a row we do a bit extra trying to get ahead!

Made a cute and easy triple circle card with the new B286 KB’s Wreath sm, G59 Spirit of Christmas, DD63 Dots & Circles, DD75 Christmas Cheer Fun Cube, and G214 Happy Holidays Lg Tina

Happy Holiday

October 15, 2014


a quick and easy Christmas card tonight.  I used prima color pencils on this card but I think I’m going to try using watercolor pencils in the morning and see if I like that too!  We had a busy day today but got our wholesale orders all done and packaged.  If you special ordered a stamp at York…they all went out on Tuesday.  If you ordered a Brother Scanncut…they all shipped on Tuesday…so they should all arrived by Friday :)

I’m hoping to take Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off! Well, maybe not off but work on projects around the house!  Itching to do some painting :)

Stamps Used:  G214 Happy Holidays Lg Tina, B286 KB’s Wreath Sm, AA15 Mini Dual Dots.

It’s hump day! Half way through the week :)

Be Merry!

October 14, 2014

xmas owl

Good Morning!  So nice to sleep in my own bed last night :)  We drove till about midnight Sunday night, got up really early to get all my orders placed.  Left the hotel at 5 am Central time/ 6 am Eastern time and got home around 7 pm Central time/ 8 pm Eastern time.

We sold a record number of brother machines this weekend!  I’m pretty sure it was because of my awesome help in the make n take booth…Keith and Joyce have helped us for several years now at the PA shows.  Awesome help!  Of course I managed to sell a machine to them too! :)

A sweet little christmas owl from our new stamps!  Love his ears!  Stamps Used:  FF40 KB’s Christmas Owl, DD63 dots & circle, DD76 Naughty & Nice Fun Cube.

LOTS to do today so better get moving!


October 13, 2014


Good Morning!  We are back on our way home after a terrific show in York, PA!  I learned an awesome tip for the brother machine!  My mats got well used (we demo’d the machine a lot!) and they were not very sticky and a gal told me to use painter’s tape.  So I tried it and it worked great.  JUST to caution you all…she got tape stuck up in her machine and had to take something apart to get it out so that’s a little scary! so be careful!

Here is a sample card with some of our new halloween stamps.  The faces are so adorable.  The ghosts, pumpkins, and both faces come mirror reverse.

Stamps Used:  EE50 KB’s Dancing Ghost, FF39 KB’s Trio Pumpkins, DD65 Halloween Fun Cube, DD60  Circles & Dots, E186 Be careful beware, BB59 KB’s Pumpkin Face Sm, CC67 KB’s Pumpkin Face Lg.

Hope your week is a great one!

Season’s Greetings

October 11, 2014


since I missed blogging on Wednesday…I thought I would go ahead and add a Saturday blog to finish out the five cards.
We have been using water color pencils to mark the paper and then our aqua pens to blend the background.  I just stamped with black over it (after it dries!) for this simple Christmas card.

Stamps Used:  C182 Season’s greeting, FF38 KB’s Snowflake Ornament Lg


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