Triple Banner

August 20, 2014

triple banner

Good Morning!  This morning I have used the triple banner flag stamp without using a triple flag card!  I can see other possibilities too. You may notice that the sketch of this card is the same as Monday.

Construction has begun and the house is a mess!  We made good progress yesterday.  The wall is completely down between the living room and dining room.  Kevin had to move some electric outlets out of the wall which made it more time consuming.  I got all the shows balanced and the paper work done.  I even painted my piano yesterday!  It came out awesome.  Today I need to wax it and Kevin has some holes to fix in the walls from the electric project. Then the carpet will all get ripped out and the ceiling painted today.  So lots to do to keep us out of trouble!

More Wonder

August 19, 2014


Good day to you all!  Here is WI it has been raining and likely will rain all week!  That’s ok with all the projects we have going.  Here is a Christmas card using the Triple Flag paper and our new warmth and wonder of the season stamp.


here are a few of my treasures from the weekend.  Some really cool house letters, a wooden ruler (that I have no idea what I’m going to do with but it’s cool!) and some glass knobs.


this little treasure I’m going to paint and use for a sewing cabinet.  I think :)

Well I’m off to work so that I can do a little painting this afternoon….thinking of painting my piano since it is really ugly!

Acetate Trick~

August 18, 2014


Good Morning!  We are back from our mini vacation (not sure it was a VACATION!) but we had a ton of fun.  First thing this morning…I would like to share the acetate trick since I’ve gotten a ton of emails on it and this way I can answer them all at once!

This Christmas bulb, because of the two dots that are on the edge, the scan and cut goes into the holes which we really don’t want so I stamp it on paper and put it on the mat.

acetate 1

next I place acetate over the top and draw where I want the machine to cut:

acetate 2

you may want to draw just a little bit better than I did!  I was in a hurry :)  I then scan the paper with the acetate on it and wait for the machine to recognize the borders.  Before I hit the cut button; I take off the acetate!  Pretty simple.  I do save the piece of acetate for future use.  You could save your image on an usb drive but then you would have to line it up and this way is much simpler to just use the same acetate over and over again.

acetate 3

hopefully that all makes sense!

We had an awesome time at the Nowthen Threshing show in Nowthen,  MN with my Dad this weekend!  Here is what we did:

flee market

My Dad buys and sells antique tools…well really all kinds of tools and things.  Gives him something to do.  I actually purchased (the price was right~FREE!) quite a collection from him.  I told Kevin we needed to bring the little car so we didn’t bring home too much!  We ended up bringing the suburban and it was a good thing.  Kevin got a quite a few treasures too.

Better get to work….several orders need to go out today and we have that whole pile of flooring in the garage. :)


Friday Aug 15th

August 15, 2014

thanks 1

thanks 2

needed to make a thank you card this week and I love The Paper Cut, Inc’s Triple Flag cards that are so quick and easy to make and love how this came out.

Hope your weekend is going great!

Thursday Aug 14

August 14, 2014

birthday candles

love the uniqueness of this card!  I would never have thought to do this but love the coloring!

Enjoying a day with my family in Minnesota!

Another Day!

August 13, 2014


lion 2

Another busy day here in Green Bay,  WI!  We’ve been working on the website trying to get the new stamps and triple flag banner paper added.  And No Kathy, we did not have them in West Bend.  They didn’t arrive until the next weekend in Minneapolis.  I will get to all of your answers as soon as I can.

We have Bible Study at our house tonight.  The whole house had not been really cleaned since we started the five week show schedule so cleaning the house was a top priority today.  I started at 6:30 am!  We then worked on the website this afternoon and did some much need paper work.  If I let that get too far behind I have a real mess.

We are actually taking the next few days off and going to my parent’s home in Minnesota.  Dad does a “thrashing show” every year selling antique tools and this is going to be his last year.  We have never gone to the show but have heard lots about it over the years and so Kevin wanted to go over and see and help Dad.  We will leave at 6 am in the morning so we can be over there by noon.  My sister is moving to an apartment and we will be helping her with that too.  We will also sneak in some Karissa time too :)  My Mom had her bathroom re-done a year or so ago and it all looks fabulous except nobody has painted the heat register so I plan to do that while there too!  And hopefully we will see my brother and his family also.  Does that sound like a few days off!??!!

This is what we are going to be doing when we return on Monday!  No rest for the wicked…maybe I should try being less wicked?? :)

woodThat is 1300 sq ft of wood flooring to be put in the living room, dining room and master bedroom!  So Exciting!

Coffee Cup Template

August 12, 2014

Coffee Banner Template

here is the coffee cup template for those interested!

August 12, 2014

chys 2

chys 1

Good Morning!  Here is a simple triple flag banner card.  We are hoping to get these cards on the website on Wednesday so I have a few more samples this week.  This stamp doesn’t cut well on the brother so I have to use the trick with acetate and then it cuts beautifully!  Went back and made a mat for it too!

A little bittersweet day for me yesterday.  We have a young girl coming to stay with us while she does an internship here in Green Bay so I needed to clean out my son’s room.  I’ve been avoiding that room because it makes his leaving home so final (even though I know it’s final…it just seems like closing the book on a chapter of our lives!)  So I texted him to see if he wanted anything from his room and his reply was “do what seems best, I have enough of everything!”  so it all went.  Well, I did keep his lifeguard shirt ( I don’t know why!), a few pair of jeans ( I want to make a quilt with some of the fabric), and all his ties went in his Dad’s closet!  So the book is closed!. We even took it all to Goodwill so I can’t go back and take things out.

Well, I still have some orders to get out so I’d better get to work!  Our rule when we are off the road for awhile is we work until noon in the shop and then play catch up on all the things around the house that need catching up from us being gone so much.  So much to do in a little bit of time.

Home Sweet Home

August 11, 2014


so happy to be home and off the road for a little while!  :)  We are very far behind on things though so it will take us a little while to get caught up.  Especially the paperwork ! UGH!

Had a little chance to play in the studio yesterday after we got home and got all the suitcases unpacked.  I have been wanting to take the svg. files and convert them on the brother website and then cut them out.  Here is an eyeglass svg. file that I got for free!  so adorable.  Should have made it just a bit smaller but I was still happy with it.  The card is actually a scallop heart card that I also did on the brother website.  Working on the big computer screen is easier than the little screen on the machine and then I just download it to the usb port and take it to the machine and there it is!  Love it!  Today I’m going to try and cut some felt that Amy sent me.  Have to get a few orders out this morning first!

Happy Monday!


August 8, 2014

great day1

Wishing everyone a great day today!

We are here in Sharonville,  OH getting ready for Stampaway.  We had an awesome group in my class yesterday.  We are going to go and finish setting up this morning and then the show starts this evening.  It was really nice to get mostly set up yesterday before my class and now just some finishing touches to do in the booth.

Have a great weekend!


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