Come see us in Akron, OH!

April 24, 2015

This weekend we are in Akron, OH. We set up all day today and are ready for tomorrow so if you are in the area, come see us! Link for more info is below.

   Hope everyone has a great weekend!

On the road again!

April 23, 2015

Just a quick note today since we are back on the road. This layout is similar to yesterday’s but I’m loving the colors and simplicity. The words give this card the option for almost any occasion. It could be a birthday, a special day or just a thinking of you card. Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!





April 22, 2015





We woke up to snow this morning!  Gross!  It appears to be gone but it is really cold outside.  I was standing outside helping Kevin load the truck without a coat and it was too bitter cold…had to go back inside.

Stamps Used:  GG35 Primrose, Lg, E43 Happy Birthday Handwritten

We are off to Akron, OH in the morning!  Almost loaded and ready to go :)

Live Every Moment

April 21, 2015




Good Afternoon…we have had some full and wonderful days with our family!  Did a little shopping today…got another pair of shoes today!  They are so cute.  That is one thing when I buy a pair of shoes…I never take a pair of shoes out.  With other things, like shirts, one goes in and one goes out…not shoes:)  Love shoes!  Bought red shoes today. :)

Notice that today’s card has a bead on it?  On the ribbon!

Stamps Used:  J35 Live Every Moment, D299 Trio Butterflies

Well back to work…not quite ready yet for Akron.  If anyone is interested in helping us at Akron on Saturday, please email me at  Thanks!

Smelling Coffee!

April 20, 2015



We are certainly smelling the coffee these days with all of our company!  Enjoying it very much.  Getting a little work done too!

Stamps Used:  A190 Tiny Heart, G316 KB’s Capp Coffee Cup Lg, E263 Take time smell Coffee

So this is our company for a few days:  Our son Travis and my brother Brad!

Travis & Brad


April 18, 2015




It is a beautiful Saturday morning here in WI!  I know that I don’t usually blog on Saturday but since I’ve been quite occupied this week and missed a couple of blogging days….I thought I would make up for it.  I really have no excuses just plain busy :)

Washing sheets again today since a third set of company is gone and a fourth set is coming.  So special to have family and friends.

Stamps Used:  FF37 Darcy’s Bird, C174 Love is Tweet, A190 Tiny Heart

Love is Tweet

April 15, 2015



Good Evening!  We have had a full day of special meetings with family and friends today.  Yes, we took the whole day off for just us!  But we are ready to hit the work in the morning.

Stamps Used:  C174 Love is so Tweet; FF37 Darcy Bird b/b

Sweet Birthday

April 14, 2015



Good Afternoon!  We have finally got all our orders out from over the weekend.  We’ve been busy with family and guests and it has been awesome.  So we’ve been cleaning bed sheets and cooking and all kinds of fun stuff. :)

Today’s Birthday card was started by Karissa and finished by me!  Stamps Used:  G274 Sweet Stuff, HH28 Lines & Dots Border Stamps, E201 KB’s Birthday Cake

So Sorry!

April 13, 2015

happy day1

happy day2

Good Morning!  We had a beautiful weekend!  I’m so sorry I didn’t blog on Friday.  My laptop has been acting up and it needs to go to the repair shop.  It seems it might be an easy fix so I just need to find the time to go to town now :)  Lucky my computer in the shop is still working.

Today’s card will be added to the Make n Take schedule.  It’s a fun frog card.  Stamps Used:  BB54 KB’s Flies sm, J30 Happy Day Banner, B204 Time’s Fun, D231 KB’s Frog Med, D228 Hoppy Birthday, F205 Birthday Toad-ally

I had a great time with my brother and friend Lorna on Thursday!


Another Grad Card

April 9, 2015

grad card2

Good Morning!  We have another Star Graduation card this morning.  I want to make a birthday card with the star cards…we will see how the day goes :)

We have a big day today.  My brother is in the area (well not too close but a 45 minute drive so not too bad!) and we’ve been invited down to have supper with him.  The area where he is has GOOD SHOPPING!  I love good shopping so I can’t go down there without a little shopping :)  Working frantically so I can do a bit of shopping before supper :)

Stamps Used:  DD69 Grad Fun Cube, DD60 Lines & Dots Circles, HH29 Star Border

Have a great day!


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