Feb 12

February 12, 2016

So this is our project for tonight! A sucker holder!! Quick & Easy since we only have 15 minutes to complete. 

Stamps Used: DD60 Dots & Circles w lines; DD63 Separate Dots & CirclesB274 Sucker for You;

Feb 11

February 11, 2016

good morning!  I think I have finally warmed up. It was so windy here in Augusta, GA and the wind goes right through the toy hauler. I had the heat cranked to 87 and it never got warm. Today the wind has died and it is now 90 in the trailer. That’s a little too warm! 

Today’s card has the larger version of yesterday’s stamps. 

Stamps Used:  F221 KB’s Winking Owl, LG; JJ15 Double Branch, LG; E264 (spec) day;

Feb 10

February 10, 2016

hello!  We slept in again but we worked late last night cutting and punching paper for our treat holder that we are doing Friday night in Columbus, SC. 

Today’s card is a mix of dies and stamps. I really like dies that work with stamps. One set I’ve come to really use is one called Photo Props from my favorite things. The eyeglasses and speech bubble come from it. The arrow is from one of the blueprint tags set. 

Stamps Used: A241 Owl Miss you; D242 KB Winking Owl; GG30 Branch;

Jan 9

February 9, 2016

Good Afternoon!  We slept in a little and now we are working on the little things that don’t get done at home. 

Stamps Used:  JJ16 KB’s Snowman w Mouse Border

Jan 8

February 8, 2016

We had a fabulous time here in GA! We’ve moved on to Augusta, GA for the week before the Columbia, SC show. I have a lot of mnt to stuff and have some new images I’m working on so the week will go fast. a BIG thank you to Jamie, Becky, Alex, and Sandy for their help at the mnt tables. and yes we broke the record for mnt’s last year. We did well over 200 this weekend. 

We have the BEST fans! These two drove from Florida to Georgia just because we were in Georgia instead of Florida!  There was a show right in Florida they could have gone to. We may not have the most fans but we do have the best!! And yes, Ron from The Paper Cut, snuck in our photo. 😜

Stamps Used into days card:  D235 KB’s Top Hat Snowman; E239 Happy Valentines Day; 

Feb 5/6

February 6, 2016

I started blogging yesterday and then someone started talking to me and then I got distracted and forgot to blog!  Making up for it today. 😊

had a ton of fun at Design & Treasure last night. These ladies in GA know how to stamp!  Looking forward to today!

Stamps Used:D261 KB’s Heartbeat; D276 Heart Skip a Beat; 

Feb 4th

February 4, 2016

Good Morning!  We are on the road. Yippee!  the snow finally slowed /stopped around 2 pm so we left for GA. We made it south of Chicago and are heading towards Birmingham AL. Kevin likes the long scenic route Groan! He’s avoiding the mountains in KY & TN. 

We got some new cutting dies by Die-Namics in our booth so I made a few cards with them. Love the eyeglasses die!  Please bear in mind that we do not carry these dies on our website just in our booth. 

Stamp Used; D194 Color my World

Feb 3

February 3, 2016

Good Morning!  Wow! We have a pile of snow to clear before we get going today. I loaded what I could yesterday before the snow started coming. It’s amazing how they can predict the weather. 

For many of you who wonder about the background paper on some of the cards that look like a calendar. That’s exactly what it is.  Regular old Target calendar that gets cut up when the month is done😊

Stamps Used:  A239 Blank Bubble; A190 Tiny Heart; B240 Box Present; C223 Happy Bird Day; FF37 Darcy Birds; 

Feb 1st

February 1, 2016

a quick and simple Birthday card this morning! lots going on with the final curtain call before our departure south!  I hear it suppose to get really cold here so will be glad for warmer weather. Although today is beautiful!

Stamps Used: FF37 Darcy Birds; C223 happy bird day; B240 Box Present; 

Jan 29

January 29, 2016


Happy Friday!

Stamps Used:A141 Box of Daisies mini; C150 Great Friend; H95 Friends;
Last minute rush as we get ready to leave for the Lawrenceville GA show and ( Kathy M you are going to love this!) the Columbia SC show!  Two shows in a row hopefully in warm weather. First we have to get through the big blizzard coming to the Midwest supposedly on Tuesday.  So hopefully it comes and then it goes so we can leave on Wednesday 😊

Have a great weekend.


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