Fri AM

March 27, 2015

sympathy primrose

sympathy in progress

Today is set up day here in PA.  We are also schedule to do the Design & Treasure tonight with our little chocolate kiss boxes so a big day ahead.  Love the Farmer’s Market next door to the convention center.  No need to cook this weekend :)

Stamps Used :  GG35 KB’s Primrose, Lg, G335 Sympathy Peace & Confort

Enjoy your weekend!  Hopefully we’ll see some of you this weekend…

Thurs Evening

March 26, 2015

just a note primrose

Good Evening!  We have arrived in Allentown, PA early this evening.  We had a quite a bit of rain on the trip but otherwise uneventful.  Uneventful is always good.

Love the colors on today’s card!

Stamps Used:  GG35 KB’s Primrose, lg, C236 Just a Note

Wednesday AM

March 25, 2015

E43 happy birthday

so maybe you can see a theme here on the cards?  Yep, same stamp…the GG35 KB’s Primrose.  I thought at first the size was odd but nope it’s looking good :)

Stamps Used:  GG35 KB’s Primrose Lg, E43 Happy Birthday Stacked Handwritten

so this is what we woke up to this morning :)  I have to say it is beautiful!

front door

This is on my front porch.  It must be 3-4 inches.  Still coming down at a pretty good clip so we will wait a few hours before heading out to PA.

Tues pm

March 24, 2015

yellow birthday 2

yellow birthday 3 yellow birthday

so here’s an adorable birthday card!

We have been frantically making stamps before we leave in the morning.  We got a small batch of new stamps today too!  I’m itching to stamp with them but it will probably have to wait till Tuesday next week.

Stamps Used:  GG35 KB’s Primrose Lg, G317 Happy Birthday Border

Monday AM

March 23, 2015

happy anniversary

Good Morning!  No SNOW here PLEASE!  :)  It seems like it is going to miss us. :)

We are concerned about travel on Wednesday so we are watching it closely.  Busy getting ready for the Allentown, PA convention.  For those of you attending, we are planning a very BIG make n take area.  My usual help, Keith and Joyce (who are awesome!) will be there. I also have another set of Heather and Penny coming to help out too!  We are hoping to have 4 – 5 tables set up for make n takes so get ready to make some cards!

Stamps Used:  GG35 KB’s Primrose & C230 Happy Anniversary

More Calendar Cards

March 20, 2015

happy day to you

Ok so it really helps to have a really cool calendar to cut up!  Love the craft paper calendar.  This card makes me think of spring!  I believe today is the first day of spring.  Not that New England area feels like spring but WI is feeling a little springy!

Stamps Used:  A190 Tiny Heart, BB56 KB’s Birdbath bird, C229 Happy Day to You, GG35 KB’s Primrose Lg

Calendar Page

March 19, 2015

valentine calendar

it’s been a couple of long days :)  We had lots of appointments yesterday that took up a lot of the day but I got a new splint for my thumb and it is working awesome!  So happy it makes my hand feel so much better.

Here’s another card with calendar pieces on it!  so cute!

Stamps Used:  CC56 KB’s Arrow Heart, A190 Tiny Heart, G235 Love to You Border C232 Happy Together,

Tuesday AM

March 17, 2015

be mine

Hello!  We continue to make stamps for the Allentown, PA show.  In the morning we are headed to town to get the air bags put on the truck to help it pull the toy hauler better :) that is exciting.  I have thumb therapy down in Appleton so it seems like the whole day will be mostly taken up with appointments.

The cards over the next few days are unique!  Karissa had an old calendar that she cut up and added to the cards.  So,  see if you can spot the calendar parts on the cards :)

Stamps Used:  CC69 KB’s Mr & Mrs. Mouse, C175 Love Be Mine/stacked, EE45 KB’s Valentine Cupcakes Med, EE36 KB’s Fox, HH26 Hearts Border, FF29 Dots & Lines Ovals, C232 Happy Together

Beautiful Day!

March 16, 2015

tis season1

tis season2

Good Afternoon!  We are busy trying to get our internet orders that came in over the weekend out…it’s only 1/2 hour till post office closing so the rush is on :)

Today’s card features the F237 present that we’ve been using lately in a Christmas Card.  Love the Teal and Red together.

Stamps Used:F237 KB’s Present Lg, D303 KB’s Present Med., C219 Tis the Season, E209 Season to Rejoice.

We have had a warm beautiful spring like day today but I suspect our spring like days are coming to a cold end.

It’s Friday!

March 13, 2015

Photo Jan 17, 1 43 44 PM

Good Evening!  I had a long day today working on paperwork.  Not my favorite thing to do :(

but I got these fabulous coupons from our local store called Younkers.  $50 off a $50 purchase and $35 off a $35 purchase!! How crazy is that?  So what does a girl do when she’s tired and crabby!??  GO Shopping!  5 shirts – 9 pair of socks all for $15 bucks!  so when the shirts went in the closet…five shirts went in the goodwill box.  So I’m not so crabby any more :)

Stamps Used:  A190 Tiny Heart, B226 KB’s Cappuccino Cup Small, D268 Sending Cup of Love, HH31 Chevron Border

Have a great weekend!


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